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Weekly Stats

WEEKLY STATS GLARs stats for the week ending 6/11.  Still dealing with very low volume and that’s not changing considering the lower than last year listings and sales.  Listings-Residential Single Family & Condo June 5 – 11, 2015 = 637 June 5 – 11, 2016 = 583 SOLDS – Residential Single Family & Condo June  … Read more

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Step-by-Step; Green-Building a Deck

Step-by-Step; Green-Building a Deck A Step-by-Step Guide to Green-Building a Deck (BPT)—There are plenty of ways to go green at home—but one of the most impactful methods is outside: green-building a deck. Whether you plan to install new or refurbish an existing structure, utilizing sustainable materials (and conducting eco-friendly maintenance after the fact) can green  … Read more

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10 Top Senior Housing Trends 2016

By Fay Wein 10 Top Senior Housing Trends, 2016.  The shape of senior living communities across the world has changed drastically over the past several years. Baby boomers have their own unique ideas of what their retirement years are going to look like, and the industry must change in order to fit the shape of  … Read more

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High Tech bathrooms of the future.

Check out this video of ultra high tech bathroom ideas for your home!

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Green Tips for Home Owners

-Starting a Compost Pile -Simple Green Ideas for Your Lawn -Eliminate Dandelions the Natural Way -Energy Saving Tips for the Homeowner -Powering a House with Solar Cells     Starting a Compost Pile Having a compost pile keeps organic yard and household waste out of your local landfill. It also creates rich “natural” mulch for  … Read more

  Category: EcoBroker, Sustainablity Offered by LFPL

Louisville Free Public Library announced a few days ago they’ve made online learning platform available to all library members, greatly broaden its online learning options.  This was made possible through a grant from the Louisville Metro Office of Performance Improvements. LFPL already offers several online training options including, Treehouse, an online learning platform  … Read more

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Battle Cry of Freedom at the Louisville Free Public Library

Battle Cry of Freedom at the Louisville Free Public Library This month, LFPL is teaming up with the Kentucky Opera for a special performance of Battle Cry of Freedom at the Main Library this Saturday, the 28th from 2-5 at the Main Branch of the LFPL.  Battle Cry of Freedom celebrates the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War. Rich with regional history, Battle  … Read more

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Keep Louisville Weird turns 10

LIBA’s Weird Birthday Bash That’s the title of the celebration marking 10 years of “Keep Louisville Weird”.  LIBA will host a Weird Birthday Bash this Friday, February 27th from 7:00pm-11:00pm (doors at 6:30) at Headliners Music Hall on Lexington Road. “Keep Louisville Weird” is the campaign by LIBA, the Louisville Independent Business Alliance, to promote  … Read more

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From what I’ve read, both home sales, GDP advance.  Housing market news remains in the spotlight. August Existing Home Sales should continue to come in over the 5 million unit annual rate. New Home Sales are also forecast up for the month, solidly into 400,000 per year territory. The end of the week sees the GDP-3rd Estimate, predicted to show  … Read more

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Learn, Live, Hope

Interesting quote… “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” –Albert Einstein INFO THAT’S RELEVANT TO OUR MARKET… Einstein’s scientific genius provides some real world advice for our housing market. “Learn from yesterday”: we recently learned that the home price decline of a few years ago was not as severe as previously thought. Property values nationally, from the February 2007  … Read more

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