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Learn, Live, Hope

Interesting quote… ”Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” –Albert Einstein INFO THAT’S RELEVANT TO OUR MARKET… Einstein’s scientific genius provides some real world advice for our housing market. “Learn from yesterday”: we recently learned that the home price decline of a few years ago was not as severe as previously thought. Property values nationally, from the February 2007

Home Purchase, short, but to the point!

DID YOU KNOW?… Last week, the Fox Business Network reported that nationally, on average, rents are running 35% higher than a comparable home purchase.

KAR Hill Visit in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Earlier this month I attended the Kentucky Association of REALTORS’ Annual Hill Visit in Frankfort as a Delegate of the Greater Louisville Association of REALTORS. During this almost week long gathering of Realtors from all over the state, we conduct KAR business, attend classes and finally, bring all 6 regions together for a closing delegate

Market continues to look up.

There have been many reports out lately regarding the recovering housing market and how the market continues to look up. Although we had a bit of a set back when the government was shut down and FHA and VA loans were delayed, the majority of the reports show progress. The increase in sales are partly

Reverse Mortgages